Three Ways To Get To The Bahamas For A Destination Wedding

If you have a friend that has decided to have a destination wedding in the Bahamas, you may be wondering how you will get there. First and foremost, make sure you have a passport. Then you can select one of the following three ways to get there in time for your friend's wedding.

Drive or Fly to Florida, Then Take an Air Charter to the Bahamas

Since the Bahamas comprise several hundred islands, and only the largest islands have a small landing strip for planes, you may need to take a charter plane from Florida. You could drive from home to Florida or fly to Florida, then meet up to catch your charter plane. Most of the charter planes are small, so make sure you do not pack a ton of suitcases, as they may not fit on the charter plane with you. (Think private, two-engine or bi-wing plane, and pack for that.)

Take a Boat Charter

Boat charters are another way to get to the Bahamas, albeit a longer ride and a more scenic trip. You can hire a boat charter from Florida, or any of the Eastern or Gulf coastal states. Just keep in mind that a boat charter may be more expensive, especially the farther away you are. For example, you may pay much more to take a boat charter from Texas to the Bahamas than a boat charter from Florida.

Drive Down into the Florida Keys, and Depart From There

You could also drive down into the Florida Keys, see lots of lovely things going over the long bridge to the Keys, and then depart from the Keys to the Bahamas. The Keys puts you a little closer to the main islands of the Bahamas, which is why some people  choose this option. From the Keys, you can take a boat charter or helicopter, which is an interesting way to see everything and get to your destination. Planes may be an option, but you may have to take a seaplane because many of the Keys are too small for an airport or landing strip. It all depends where you take off from and the charter company you hire.

Take a Different Mode Back

If you take one kind of charter to the Bahamas, such as a private plane charter, consider taking another kind of charter back. Some people are in a hurry to get to the islands, so they take a plane there. Then they take a boat back to the mainland of the US or to the Keys so they can relax on the way back.