5 Features Of The Perfect Working Retreat

Traditionally, second homes are thought of as a vacation property, where you might visit a few times a year or over the summer to get away from your everyday responsibilities. However, with the modern emphasis on remote work, it is becoming more likely that what was once simply a vacation condo can realistically become a part-time residence for you. You may be able to purchase a vacation property and spend a large portion of your year exploring your new location. If you are purchasing a second home with the intention of being able to work there throughout the year, there are several aspects that you should consider. 

Time Zone in Relation to Your Main Office

If you regularly have to communicate with your home office, you may want to refrain from purchasing a second property that is too far away from your home time zone. Instead of purchasing a property that is east or west of your home location, look for something that is north or south from you, so you will be in the same time zone as your coworkers. 

If you purchase a property in a different time zone, you may want to use an app on your computer and cell phone that automatically provides you with the time in both locations. This can help you coordinate meetings with others and not miss important calls. 

Access to the Property Year Round 

It is common for people to purchase a vacation property for use during just the summer or winter months. However, if you plan to regularly work from your second home, you want to make sure you can access it year round. This may include clearing the roads during the winter and making sure there are adequate flights to the area during the summer months. You will also want to make sure that people are around year round and that things that interest you will be open throughout the year. 

Reliable Internet Connection 

Most remote workers need a reliable, high-speed internet connection to complete video conferences and share files with coworkers. This means you may need to purchase a business plan to increase your internet speed. You should refrain from relying on 3g or 4g internet and go with a location that offers reliable, wired internet. 

Rules About Vacation Rentals 

Most people purchasing a vacation condo are looking for a building that will allow them to rent out their unit for short periods when they are not there. This can decrease the cost of the purchase and make their second home an investment for them. However, if you will be working from your condo often, you may want to look for a community that specifically forbids short-term rentals of individual units. This is more likely to ensure a peaceful, quiet environment when you are there working. It also means that there are probably more people living there throughout the year. 

A Dedicated Office 

While a smaller condo may be ideal if you plan to spend most of your time outdoors, exploring the city or enjoying nature, you will need a slightly larger area if you plan to work from your condo. You should consider a unit with a dedicated office space and consider purchasing a separate computer setup for your condo so you are ready to work there at any time. 

Purchasing a condo as a remote office will allow you to enjoy a change of scenery throughout the year. Once you have a remote schedule set up with your employer, you should look for potential sites that you find refreshing and inspiring in order to start your remote working experience. Check out websites like citycreekliving.com to get started.