Beach Hotel Rentals: 6 Ways To Keep Sand Out Of Your Room

Renting a hotel at or near the beach is a great way to wake up, head outside, and enjoy the amazing experience of the ocean. At the end of the day, when returning to your room, it may feel like you're bringing the beach back with you. Relaxing or lounging in a hotel bed can become highly uncomfortable when there are grains of sand everywhere you lay. Instead of dealing with all of these sand issues, there are six ways you can keep the sand out of your room and enjoy the hotel. By learning these tips, you can keep sand out of your room every time you visit a beach destination.

Travel Vacuums

Hotel maid service is great for vacuuming and removing debris from your room, but they are not always on the same schedule as your beach trips. Get a little extra cleaning in by printing a hand-held travel vacuum with you to the hotel room.These small, but powerful vacuums are great for picking up debris and can be left right at the entryway of your room. As you enter, you can vacuum off any loose sand and eliminate it from getting spread around the room. Before you leave each day, it's important to plug in the handheld vacuum and ensure that it's fully charged for when you return to the room.

Small Plastic Bins

Your feet are often a big culprit in spreading sand around the room. Even if you rinse off your feet after the beach, you are bound to pick up more sand along the way back to the room. One of the best solutions for this is by bringing a plastic bin that is large enough for you to stand in. Before leaving the hotel room, fill the bin halfway with hot water and leave it near the entryway. Lay a hotel towel out next to it. When returning to your room, you can step your feet directly in the bin, rinse off the sand and dry them on the towel. This is a great way to get rid of a majority of the sand. The bin can be emptied and refilled on each day of your vacation.

Taking the Stairs

If your hotel room is on a higher floor than the first level, you can help naturally remove sand before even reaching your room. Get a little exercise and allow sand to fall off naturally by taking the stairs. The motions of climbing up hotel stairs will help shake off a lot of the sand before you even reach the bedroom door. If you are on a lower level, simply walk up and down the halls a few times to help eliminate the sand.

Combs & Brushes

If you're finding a lot of sand on your hotel pillow, then it's likely from being carried in your hair. As you plan to leave the beach, pull out a small brush or comb and go through your hair multiple times. This will help you remove sand particles and keep your hair clean. A fine-picked comb is the best option for reaching the smallest particles.

Baby Powder

When salt water dries on your skin, stubborn sand can be hard to remove. One of the best options for this is the use of baby powder. Dab baby powder over parts of your body where sand is located. The powder absorbs the moisture and the sand will easily fall off. If you do not have baby powder, some hotels may offer travel sizes as a complimentary option. It's best to use this method right at the beach or before you enter the hotel building.

When booking your room, it's a good idea to plan requests like the robes ahead of time. This will ensure that your room is fully prepared for all your beach clean-up needs. For more information about beach front hotels, contact a company like Sands Resorts