5 Romantic Ideas For Your Anniversary

If your anniversary is coming up, you want to make the day special. How do you plan the ultimate anniversary celebration? Here are five ideas on making your special day romantic:

1. Return to the spot you first met

There's nothing more romantic than the story of how a couple met. Why not return to this spot and tell this story to each other? You can bring a picnic lunch or dinner if you met in an outdoor area. If you met at work or school, you can take a tour of the area. Tell one another what you were thinking and feeling when you first met. If you have children, bring them along so they can hear the story. A reminder of how far you've come gives you appreciation for one another.

2. Go on a wine tour

For a romantic and luxurious anniversary, nothing goes better together than a limo service and a wine tour. A wine tour will take you to several different wineries where you can taste amazing wine. Many wine tours also come with a gourmet meal, perfect for an anniversary. You can increase the romance by renting a limousine. Your limo will take you from winery to winery throughout the tour. Contact a company like Ambassador Limousine to set up this romantic date.

3. Seek new thrills

Having a fun, adrenaline-packed day can bring you and your spouse closer than ever. Experiencing a new thrill that places you both in a vulnerable situation can strengthen the bond you feel. Here are a few thrilling activities to consider:

  • White water rafting
  • Sky diving
  • Mountain climbing
  • Roller coaster riding
  • Power boating
  • Hang gliding

4. Have a relaxing day in

If you're the couple that prefers to have a relaxing day rather than go on an adrenaline-packed adventure, why not try an at-home spa day? Start the day off right with breakfast in bed. Then, give one another massages, facials, and skin treatments, and have a bubble bath. Top your day off with chocolate and champagne in bed, by the fire, or out on the patio. A day where you totally pamper each other is ideal for couples with busy, stressful lives.

5. Surprise your significant other with a getaway

Plan the perfect weekend getaway and surprise your significant other. Take your partner for a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant and slip them a note asking them to join you at the destination you booked. There's nothing like a romantic weekend out of town to get the passion and romance sizzling. Here are a few ideas for a weekend anniversary trip:

  • A cozy lodge or cabin by the lake
  • Resort and spa
  • Homey inn or bed and breakfast
  • Camping and stargazing at a national park

These are five romantic ideas for your anniversary. Plan and book your activities today.