Want To Plan A Budget Wedding? Try A Destination Ceremony Instead

When most couples think of a destination wedding, they think of an opulent and exotic choice that they can't afford. Few people would think of destination weddings as the opposite -- a simpler, more budget-friendly wedding. Not convinced? Here are 4 ways that a destination wedding can save time and money.

Package Deals. Most destination locations that are popular for weddings already have things in place to provide you with a beautiful wedding and a fun weekend. You can often find wedding package deals at resorts or on cruises that include rooms, the ceremony, a reception venue, catering or cake, alcohol, an officiant and a planner for one single price. You can often shop around, as well, to find the most comprehensive package for the least amount of money. 

Honeymoon Included. With the average wedding costing $29,858 (in 2014), there may be little room in the budget left for a nice honeymoon. But if you can include the honeymoon in the cost of your wedding, you get more bang for your buck. By its very nature, a destination wedding includes the majority of the costs of the honeymoon built in -- including airfare or transportation, hotel and food. You can extend your stay, add some fun couple activities or visit nearby areas alone to add to that special "honeymoon" feeling after the ceremony -- all for a fraction of the cost of embarking on a new trip. 

Lower Cost Areas. For couples that live in a high cost of living area, such as Los Angeles, New York City or the nation's capital, renting a venue and paying for vendors in the local area can be astronomical. And that doesn't even include markups for things like peak season times or holidays. In contrast, planning a wedding for a beautiful, but less expensive, location can bring many of those costs down. Mexico, western or southern U.S. cities, mountain retreats or Caribbean islands can all provide more ambiance for less money. 

Less Planning. It's unlikely that you'd be able to do at a distance the same amount of planning and preparation that you'd do before a local wedding. Since your venue and vendors are often included and your guest list will be limited, the amount of details that you can -- or want to -- change is also limited. You generally won't be spending time hiring a band, planning rehearsals, housing relatives and traveling back and forth to venues. When there are fewer details to obsess over and less you can -- or want to -- change, you can save a lot of time and money.

Thinking about a destination wedding as a way to save money and worry may be a new idea. But if you're a harried bride or groom, it can be just what the doctor ordered. To learn more, contact a hotel like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre