A Guide on Small Group Private Charters

Travelling can be a delightful or hectic experience depending on the travel logistics. Finding a convenient travel arrangement for small groups can be more complicated. Luckily, private charters offer a client the opportunity to hire an entire plane or boat and enjoy convenience and privacy. Below are some packages and benefits of a small group boat charter. 

Small-Group Boat Charter Packages 

Boat charters allow small groups to hire a yacht for a holiday excursion or special events. These private charters are ideal for a group of friends, workmates, or families. In such an arrangement, the groups rent a tailored boat to meet their travel needs and desire. Preferably, the boat is availed on a skippered charter that provides a professional crew with a yacht captain and crew members. Small group boat charters may be ideal for the following types of group events:

  • A family excursion
  • A team-building event
  • Corporate events
  • Employees reward
  • Company holiday

Benefits of Small Group Private Charters 

Security and Privacy: The main goal of chartering a boat is to enjoy the privacy of the service. In a chartered boat, the crew enjoys the space without having to worry about interacting with strangers. This atmosphere is ideal for group intimacy. Besides, the crew can better plan for your security details since the group is small and enjoys a level of trust. 

Personalized Services: Boat charters allow you to rent the boat all for yourself. Thus, the clients appreciate the services of a dedicated crew. As a private tour, the group gets to use all the full amenities by themselves. More so, the crew offers customized services from booking, boarding, and sailing. Ultimately, the group can relax as the crew decides the best travel options and activities for your team or can actively take part in decisions. 

Flexible Schedule: A private charter allows the clients to decide the boarding and taking off the itinerary. Hence, a group can select the month, day, and exact time of travel based on their preference. The travel company arranges everything around your schedule, which enhances your freedom of choice. In this way, you do not have to worry about missing your boat, having delays, or cancellations. 

Direct Travel: One benefit of chartering a boat is that it allows you to travel directly to the destination. Typically, the clients have control over the itinerary, and the crew facilitates their travel arrangements. In comparison with cruise ship travels, boat charters do not follow scheduled port stopovers. This flexibility saves time and enhances convenience. 

More Affordable: The price of a group charter is more accessible compared to a personal trip. For instance, a group of friends can cost-share the price of renting a yacht, making it more affordable. In addition, private charter companies often offer group discounts, which may be beneficial to companies. 

Small group private charters can offer travel solutions for small groups at flexible schedules and budgets. Whatever your travel goals are, small-group boat charters will accord you privacy, convenience, personalized service.