5 Reasons To Get Married A Few Hours Away From Home

Many couples believe that their only wedding location choices are between holding one in their home area or choosing a far-flung destination wedding. However, a third option might be perfect for your nuptials. What option? Consider the benefits of traveling a few hours from your home base for your wedding. Here are five of the biggest benefits.

1. It Reduces the Guest List. Some couples opt for a destination wedding because they don't want to deal with either a large party or the drama that comes with certain guests and relatives. Both problems tend to organically solve themselves once you choose a slightly inconvenient venue. Guests who are on the fence or who aren't fully committed to your nuptials aren't likely to make the drive. 

2. You Can Still Plan in Person. The main difficulty of a destination wedding is often planning remotely with little opportunity to visit things in person. A closer destination location reduces that obstacle. You're close enough to plan multiple visits — possible only one-day visits — to do things like vet wedding halls, meet vendors, test products, and plan décor. 

3. It Opens Up Locales. If you're not overly thrilled with the venue options in your immediate area, going a little bit farther out can open up a whole new set of possibilities. A two-hour radius often includes other cities, rural locations, waterfront venues, and mountain locales. This could give your wedding a more destination-like vibe without the extra work and cost of traveling so far. 

4. Loved Ones Can Make the Trip. Not all beloved guests can afford to attend a true destination wedding, making couples choose between location and their VIP guests. But when you reduce the commitment to just two or even three hours' drive, many more people will be able to make the trip. This helps ensure those who really want to be there will be there while whittling down the uncommitted. 

5. You're Not in a Strange Land. Are you leery of planning a destination wedding in a strange country or foreign city? Then keep things simpler by moving your destination plans a little closer to home. You speak the language, know the processes, understand vendor options, and don't have to worry about pesky international requirements. You can have your destination wedding without the extra hassle. 

Want to know more about the options within your expanded radius? Start by touring some wedding venues in the area today. You may find that this one change revitalizes wedding planning and helps you achieve the perfect big day. 

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