Reasons Why You Should Take a Washington DC Tour

You may be planning a trip to Washington, DC, and are getting overwhelmed by the number of things to do and see there. The capital city is home to some of the country's most famous memorials and destinations. It can be difficult to plan which ones to see or even how to fit the most sightseeing in as possible.

This is where guided Washington DC tours come in handy. You won't feel like you are missing out on seeing everything you want to see and maybe certain sights you might not have thought of. Here are some reasons why you consider taking a Washington DC tour.

You Benefit From the Tour Guide's Experience

If you have never traveled to Washington DC before, the city and many tourist attractions and popular sights might seem overwhelming and daunting to you. The city might be larger than you thought it was with each monument and memorial just a bit further away from each other than they appear. You might feel like you could get lost if you tried to traverse the city on your own.

When you take one of the guided Washington DC tours, you will get the benefit of the tour guide's experience and expertise. For the most part, tour guides in most cities are locals born there or have lived there a long time and know the city very well. They know interesting facts about the city that tourists don't often know. They also know places that might not be in the tourists' guidebooks to explore. Guided tours will get you to the most famous monuments like Capitol Hill, White House, and National Mall.

Learn the History of the City

Washington DC is a city that is rich in history and historical significance. While you certainly can learn about the history through guidebooks or online, you won't always get a true sense of the city's history until you learn about it from a tour guide whose knowledge of the city can go beyond what you will find in a guidebook.

Washington DC tours can give you a greater understanding of how the city was founded, how old it actually is, when each of the famous monuments and memorials were built and who constructed them and much more. You can ask questions of your guide as well and really learn in-depth about the city including facts that might not be covered by guidebooks.