Destination Wedding In The Bahamas? Should You Choose A Beach Or A Boat?

If you've just begun planning your Bahamanian wedding, you may still be debating when it comes to the perfect venue. Although the multiple hotels throughout this chain of islands can provide you with romantic scenery while providing accommodations for your traveling friends and relatives, you may feel it wasteful to fly all the way to the Caribbean without taking advantage of the expansive white beaches or clear open waters for your actual ceremony. [Read More]

Want To Plan A Budget Wedding? Try A Destination Ceremony Instead

When most couples think of a destination wedding, they think of an opulent and exotic choice that they can't afford. Few people would think of destination weddings as the opposite -- a simpler, more budget-friendly wedding. Not convinced? Here are 4 ways that a destination wedding can save time and money. Package Deals. Most destination locations that are popular for weddings already have things in place to provide you with a beautiful wedding and a fun weekend. [Read More]

5 Romantic Ideas For Your Anniversary

If your anniversary is coming up, you want to make the day special. How do you plan the ultimate anniversary celebration? Here are five ideas on making your special day romantic: 1. Return to the spot you first met There's nothing more romantic than the story of how a couple met. Why not return to this spot and tell this story to each other? You can bring a picnic lunch or dinner if you met in an outdoor area. [Read More]

Three Taxi Traveling Tips For Service Dog Owners

If you identify as a person with a disability, and you travel with your service dog using public transportation, taxis can provide you with an invaluable way to get around safely. Although riding with your service dog is a protected right in most areas of the United States, it's important to understand that you do have responsibilities as a consumer during your ride. These three important tips will help to ensure that you get the most out of your taxi cab ride each time you venture out into the world. [Read More]